Very in-depth report. I appreciate your efficiency and will use your company in future if we don’t get this place.

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Thanks very much for your report, we are very impressed with the detail and how clear and easy to follow it is!

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Many thanks and your service was excellent, will definitely use you again.

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Thank you for the prompt inspection report. The report was useful, both in its specific and its general observations and recommendations.

J Southey

Ian from All Building Inspections was recommended to us when we were looking for a rental – we have booked him for three inspections and have found his reports to be very thorough with lots of photo evidence as well.  He’s been willing to meet with our representative after his inspection on site and go through issues arising as well as answering our questions after we have seen the written report.  His services have saved us thousands of dollars, given us the opportunity to negotiate or evaluate if the purchase was worthwhile.  If we are ever in the market again Ian will be our first port of call for an inspection.

J&M Dalley

Really appreciate all the information provided with the report and the prompt delivery

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S Winton

Thank you Ian for providing a ‘realistic’ and solution-based inspection. You answered all the things we needed to know and we can now move forward with the purchase of this property knowing what we already could see but just needed confirmation on. I appreciated your ‘down to earth’ approach and liked the way that you picked up on things that albeit, not critical, still need to be addressed at some point. But in a positive way…..:-) I have seen builder’s reports that ‘nit-pick’ and read as a damning report but needn’t be. Almost everything can be fixed/sorted so long as you are aware of the issue it can then be sorted. And that is why I appreciate your style of reporting……solution based…..! So well done and Thank You.

M Smith

We would like to highly compliment you on your very professional and exceptionally efficient service both on the telephone and in the delivery of the report. May we also thank you for the very sound maintenance advice given throughout your report

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Thanks again Ian, appreciated you taking the time to run through everything with my daughter. First home’s a biggie!

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We were referred by a Real estate agent to use Ian from All building inspections. We found Ian to be very thorough, detailed, specific and found his report to be beyond what we expected. Ian helped us make Good decisions about a house before we bought it and he was very fair on his report! He also provided recommendations of things that needed repairs etc. I will highly recommend Ian and will definitely use him for my next house inspection! 

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Thanks very much for getting the inspection done so quickly Ian, & very thorough!

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You were recommended to us by a friend who had used your services last year. We just wanted to say thanks. We appreciated the detailed but non-jargon report as well as talking through our plans to extend the kitchen.

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