Our building inspections are carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the NZS 4306:2005, which is the New Zealand Standard for residential property inspection. We also include non-invasive moisture testing and electrical socket testing.

A building inspection, or house inspection as it’s also referred to, is visual and non-invasive.

The building is viewed in terms of significant issues, which may require further investigation, particular attributes and maintenance requirements.

Click here for a more detailed list of what is included in an inspection.

Our Pre-purchase building reports can be used to identify potential costs for any work recommendations and to use in the negotiation process with vendors.

We also include maintenance timelines to help you protect your investment.

Verbal reports and on-site methamphetamine instant result screenings are available upon request.


What’s covered by a building inspection?

An inspection covers aspects of the site, sub floor, exterior, roof exterior, roof space, interior, the services & any identified buildings like sleep-outs and separate garages. In other words, practically from the gate onwards.

All Building Inspections also includes moisture testing and electrical socket testing.

How quickly can I get my report after the inspection?

We recognize that often time is short and we guarantee a 24 hour turnaround but can arrange for even sooner if necessary.

How much does an inspection cost?

We offer a sliding scale dependent on the size of the property.

Who arranges for the inspection to take place?

Once we have all of your details and know your time-frame we take it from there. We arrange access through the agent, or vendor if it’s a private sale, and we email you a letter of engagement once the time has been confirmed.

Can we meet you on site as we’d like to discuss our renovation plans?

Ian is always happy to discuss any queries and take you through the inspection.

We really like the house but there are a few things we are concerned about.

It has always been important to us to take a solution-based approach. As well as reporting on the condition of a building, you will be advised about what maintenance it would be prudent to attend to promptly, to avoid more costly repairs later, and what could be planned maintenance over the next few years. Of course, sometimes there may be considerable issues which once you’re aware of may make you want to re-think.

Can you email copies of the report to my lawyer or liaise with other trade professionals?

Yes, we can also arrange for hard copies of a report to be printed and if you’re overseas we can return to a property to document any work carried out before the settlement date.

Are your reports acceptable to the banks?

Many clients have required a building report to satisfy certain criteria for lending. We are also happy to discuss any queries should it be necessary.