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Helping you make an informed decision

All Building Inspections Ltd specialises in pre-purchase and pre-sale house inspections.

My aim as a building consultant is to enable you to make an informed decision about what is likely to be the biggest purchase or sale you will ever make – your home.

I use a comprehensive inspection checklist to appraise the building’s overall condition and moisture testing by electronic reading is included. Reports note any issues that are found and include maintenance recommendations. I believe in a solution-based approach to builder’s reports so I include suggestions of how any issues may be resolved.

My builder's report advises on what issues it would be prudent to attend to promptly, avoiding more costly repairs later, and what can be planned maintenance over the next few years.

A building may have a few minor faults, be on the cusp of needing extensive maintenance or it may be in great condition but in need of a new roof. Whatever the building’s condition, you will be informed of the issues. This can be of great use for a purchaser to bring into real estate negotiations, or for a vendor who wishes to be fully informed about their property before sale.

All Building Inspections
is an independent company so my advice will only benefit you.

I am a New Zealand qualified builder with over 30 years of experience in the building industry and all my work is conducted in accordance with the New Zealand Standard NZS 4306:2005.


Ian Hall - All Building Inspections Ltd   Ian Hall - Building Inspector

Ian Hall

Building Inspector
Kapiti Coast, Porirua, Wellington and Hutt Valley